The Agenda with Steve Paikin: The Healthy Brain – CBC Television, January 2014.

Dr. Herbert on the Gary Null Show, May 4, 2012.

Lu Hanessian interviewed Martha Herbert for Liberty Treehouse cable show, taped 4/26/2012.

News12, New Jersey, with Derrick DeSilva, taped 4/24/2012

Interview with Lu Hanessian, for, taped Thursday April 12, 2012. 1 hour 50 minutes.

NPR’s Wisconsin Public Radio, To The Best of Our Knowledge, Interview with Ann Strainchamps, Air date Sunday April 8, 2012. Info and mp3.  25 minutes.

Interview with WFAN’s John Salter, Sunday April 8, 2012.

CNN Headline News interviewed Dr. Martha Herbert, April 4, 2012.

VoiceAmerica Radio, Interview with Teri Arranga-The Autism Revolution, April 4, 2012. 52 minutes

Fox & Friends, April 2, 2012.   After-the Show Show.  Short.

Fox Health, Interview with Dr. Manny Alvarez, Doctor discusses ways to reduce autism symptoms, severity. Published April 5, 2012.

Imus in the Morning, Interviewed by Imus, Is autism genetic or environmental?, Monday morning April 2, 2012. ~6 minutes

The Joan Hamburg Show, WOR-NY, March 30, 2012.  Blog and video – 10 minutes

Dr. Radio – Sirius-XM, Dr. Benard Dreyer, NYU Medical Center – Pediatrics, Wednesday March 28, 2012. – 1 hour

PBS Newshour Autism series week of April 18, 2011: Dr. Herbert is one of the four people interviewed in part 3 (on causes of autism), airing 4/15/2011, and posted online.   All content from this series is available onlineExtended interview of Dr. Herbert by Robert MacNeil is also posted.

Live chat April 15, 2011 1pm Eastern Time: and comments after live chat.

Voice of America New Research Investigates Link Between Autism And Toxic Chemicals, April 15, 2010. Article with video.


Scotsman Interview, May 26, 2013, Edinburgh: Autism: Unlocking a Generation. by Ruth Walker

Autism Revolution reviewed in Washington Post by Maggi Fazelli Fard, April 8, 2013

Special Series: Autism New Frontiers, by Pauline  Tam, Ottawa Citizen January 2013

Dr. Herbert and THE AUTISM REVOLUTION mentioned in WBUR Commonhealth Blog by Carey Goldberg, An Immune Element In Autism? Gene Screen Finds More Evidence, December 11, 2012

Dr. Martha Herbert on Autism, Diet and the Environment” – blog by Kathleen Schuler, MPH, of Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Blog review about THE AUTISM REVOLUTION by Mark Sisson, Autism: A Brain or Whole-Body Disorder? 7/12/2012

Canaries, autism and sensory overload – Blog by Jessica Solodar 6/7/2012

Review 5/22/2012 on PsychCentral Therapy Soup blog of The Autism Revolution, by By Richard Zwolinski, LMHC, CASAC & C.R. Zwolinski

Quoted in CNN story by Supraja Seshadri, May 15, 2012, iPad gives voice to kids with autism

Herbert blog 4/18/2012 on Autism Speaks “Got Questions?” Blog entitled “What’s the difference between something causing autism versus increasing risk for autism?…

Herbert blog 4/9/2012: Obesity, Diabetes and Autism Risk: Much That You Can Do

Herbert blog 4/5/2012: Bigger than Autism, Bigger than Genes: A Whole Body Approach to Mutations and What You Can Do

Weintraub Boston Globe story 3/26/2012: How Parents are Changing the Course of Autism Research

Herbert Harvard Health Publications Blog, 3/27/2012, New Book, The Autism Revolution, Offers Hope, Help for Families

Rachel Zimmerman, WBUR Commonhealth Blog, 3/27/2012, about The Autism Revolution, Rethinking Autism as a ‘Whole-Body’ Condition

Herbert blog 3/1/2012, A boost for the gut-gluten-brain connection

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