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Dr. Herbert’s talk on DIETARY THERAPIES IN AUTISM, entitled “Dietary Therapies in Autism: Modulating Metabolism and Microbiome to Shift a Dynamic Encephalopathy,” presented at the DIETARY THERAPIES IN EPILEPSY Charlie Foundation Conference, September 20, 2012
PDF of Dr. Herbert’s slides from talk “The Autism Revolution: From a Static Brain Defect to a Chronic Systemic Dynamic TREATABLE Encephalopathy“, delivered on various occasions Fall 2012.
PDF of “Autism: What do Diet and Environment …

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GENETIC EXPLANATIONS: Sense and Nonsense – Headers from Dr. Herbert’s chapter in new Harvard U Press book

Here is the citation for my new chapter:
Herbert, M.R.,  Autism: From Static Genetic Brain Defect to Dynamic Gene-Environment-Modulated Pathophysiology. Chapter 10 of Genetic Explanations: Sense and Nonsense. Krimsky, S. and Gruber, J. eds, Harvard University Press (2012).
The chapter covers similar material to what is in the book THE AUTISM REVOLUTION…, but pitched to upper-division undergraduate college students.
Here are the chapter’s Section Headers. Please get the book to read more

WHY AREN’T WE THERE YET? Valuable but incomplete measures of brain changes in babies with autism

Blog by Martha Herbert on www.autismWHYandHOW.org :
In my opinion the recent research paper, Differences in White Matter Fiber Tract Development Present from 6 to 24 Months in Infants with Autism… (Am J Psychiatry 2012 ; 169 :589-600), reports a very important finding and represents a huge amount of work, but the study is quite incomplete both in what was chosen to be measured and how the findings are interpreted by the investigators, Jason Wolff

Mark Sisson Blog about Autism Revolution Book

Blog review about THE AUTISM REVOLUTION by Mark Sisson, Autism: A Brain or Whole-Body Disorder?
You could say this post is a long time coming. In the last few years, I’ve lost count of the huge number of emails I get from parents with kids who have special needs either asking for advice or explaining how The Primal Blueprint… has made a significant difference for their children. These are parents who love their kids for

Canaries, autism and sensory overload – Blog by Jessica Solodar

“I believe that when the science is in, we will see that people with autism are ‘canaries in the coal mine,’ the most susceptible, who are affected first by problems that may eventually reach us all.”
–from The Autism Revolution… by Martha Herbert, MD, PhD, with Karen Weintraub (Ballantine Books, 2012)
Martha Herbert reasons in her remarkable book that the rapidly increasing prevalence of autism indicates the disorder can’t possibly be due to genetics alone.

CHE call 6/21: Expanding our Understanding of Autism: Beyond Genetics to Whole Systems Approaches

Expanding our Understanding of Autism: Beyond Genetics to Whole Systems Approaches

Jun 21, 2012
Dr. Martha Herbert
Dr. Phil Landrigan
Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp

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CHE Blog
RSVP for this Call  http://www.healthandenvironment.org/partnership_calls/10843…

When autism was first described in the 1940s, it was thought to be unusual, if not rare, and perhaps attributable to poor maternal parenting skills. During the decades that followed genetic heritability became a more popular explanation, and with the advent


I’ve posted a new brain blog on www.autismWHYandHOW.org….  It summarizes new frontiers in brain research totally consistent with what I said in Chapter 5 of The Autism Revolution.  That chapter, called “Help the Body Mend the Brain,” centered around “glial” cells, previously put quietly in background behind the almighty neurons, but now getting the center stage role they deserve.  Glial cells (along with mitochondria) may be what especially allow the body to help mend


by Martha Herbert, Memorial Day Weekend, May 2012
Attending yet another conference I find myself thinking about paradigm whiplash.  It’s hitting me again.
Why there are so many different points of view in autism that don’t seem to overlap?  The IMFAR meeting May 17-20 (International Meeting for Autism Research, a major academic conference) was full of people aiming to find biomarkers for autism — looking mainly for genetic, neurochemistry, brain and behavior.  At AutismOne this…

PsychCentral Review

Lovely sensitive review  5/22/2012 on PsychCentral Therapy Soup blog… of The Autism Revolution, by By Richard Zwolinski, LMHC, CASAC & C.R. Zwolinski.

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