Autism’s Brain Origins – Environment and Physiology, not just genetics

Autism Speaks has published my blog, More than Prenatal Genetics: The Search for Autism’s Origins.   A more detailed version of this blog, “Autism Brain Origins-Environment and Physiology Really Matter,” is on my autismWHYandHOW website.  The shorter and longer blogs both center around an analysis and reinterpretation of a recent New England Journal of Medicine paper by Stoner et. al. on Patches of Disorganization in the Neocortex of Children with Autism, that was presented in the press as proving that autism originates prenatally.  I argue that there is more to this than just genetics, and that the patterns of disorganization are if anything more suggestive of environmentally driven physiological vulnerability.  Moreover, such challenged physiology could continue past pregnancy into infancy–and even further into the lifespan, and could drive altered brain function in an active, ongoing (and potentially changeable) way….

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